Pabjan Tadeusz
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45(2009)2 - Articles

Tadeusz Pabjan

Does science prove the existence of God? The scientific apologetics of Pius XII

  • language: Polish


The history of the relationships between science and religion is full of interesting episodes that are worth to be analyzed as case studies of this domain. The paper is a kind of such a study and deals with the scientific apologetics of Pope Pius XII. Pius XII was a pope who took a keen interest in the development of natural sciences, such as physics and cosmology. He was convinced that it is possible to formulate a scientific proof of the existence of God and of the creation of the universe. The intervention of George Lemaître, however, made him abandon this idea. The article presents the interest that Pius XII showed in natural science. Then, the famous speech of Pius XII, Un ora, is discussed. Finally, the role of George Lemaître in the whole episode is considered.