Bankiewicz Paweł
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45(2009)2 - Consciousness and the Subject

Paweł Bankiewicz

John Searle's Description of the Intentionality of Desires

  • language: Polish


The notions of an intentional content and a direction of fit play the main role in Searle's description of the intentionality of desires. Desires are mental states whose intentional content takes the form of propositions. Propositions indicate how we should adjust the world to satisfy our desires. Thus desires have an upward (world-to-mind) direction of fit. In the paper there are considered two kinds of objections against Searle's description. One of them is that there are intentional states with two opposite directions of fit. The other objection follows from contemporary self-perception theories. According to them, desires are perceptions of our behavior in different situations, that is, mental states with a downward direction of fit. In the further part of the paper it is demonstrated that Searle?s description of intentionality of desires withstands critical argumentation.