Gałaj Andrzej
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45(2009)2 - Dissertations

Andrzej Gałaj

Does God's permanence lie in the absolute excluding of change?

  • language: Polish


The permanence of God is a very important problem in the philosophy of God. Most philosophers maintain that God is completely permanent. However, some regard change and movement as an evidence of perfection and attribute these concepts to God, as well. 
The author of the article analyzes if we can actually ascribe such attributes to God. The basis of this research are St. Thomas? and Aristotle?s conceptions of change and movement. St. Thomas supports Aristotle?s conception but he uses not only his account of movement and change but Plato?s account of movement, as well. Aquinas does not try to unify them in one basic definition. It seems that this double meaning of change presents a big problem in dealing with the question of the permanence of God. St. Thomas? resolution of this question is based only on Aristotle?s conception and excludes any movement and change in God. This narrows the perspective in resolving the question of the permanence of God. The paper tries to broaden this perspective.