Łojek-Kurzętkowska Maria
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50(2014)4 - On teaching philosophy

Maria Łojek-Kurzętkowska

Educating in disobedience. The role of philosophy and ethics in the Polish education system

  • Language: Polish


This paper concentrates on several issues, which relate to philosophical and ethical education in Poland. The article focuses both on objectives connected with philosophical education in Poland, as well as the issue of ideology in educational process. Particularly, the analysis concerns the priorities in philosophical education and the question of status of ethics in the Polish school. The idea of ideology in education is discussed in accordance with two crucial issues. The first of these is the sole possibility of education without the element of ideology. The second is the question of the impact of ideology on the educational process. Is the idea of ideology in philosophical education inadequate? The conclusion is formulated in accordance with the Socratic approach to philosophy, as well as the philosophical ideas of such social researchers as Pierre Bourdieu and Ernesto Laclau. Though the complete exclusion of the ideological context from the educational process seems impossible, philosophical education enables us to see the limitations of human nature and the unrevealed areas of human knowledge. The role of philosophy and ethics in school education is to inspire and to motivate, to increase self-knowledge and to create self-identity. As a result, students are able to develop in individual, social and political spheres of life.