Michałowska Danuta Anna
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50(2014)4 - On teaching philosophy

Danuta Anna Michałowska

Values education – teachers’opinions about ethical education and ethics in school

  • Language: Polish


There is a special need for the ethics of care shared by educators and teachers when creating a democratic society based on values such as freedom, justice and confidence, responsibility and good in the context of the individual and of the commonwealth. This is the main thesis of this paper. The development of individuals and society is faced with the emerging problems that are associated with global neoliberal transformation, international financial institutions as well as economic, political, technological, communication and cultural changes. It is necessary to reflect when we observe the unethical consequences of neoliberalism in today’s world and the influence it has on educational policy, especially on ethical education, as well as issues of teaching and upbringing. This is also a presentation of some research outcomes: teachers were asked to answer what is important to them and to their pupils in everyday life and to show their opinions on ethical education and ethics as a school subject – these are the teachers’ opinions about some aspects of teaching ethics. In this paper an attempt has been made to find alternative educational solutions, especially in the field of ethical education, which would encourage the development of individuals and a democratic society.