Woźniczka Maciej
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50(2014)4 - On teaching philosophy

Maciej Woźniczka

Are ideological paradigms binding in teaching philosophy?

  • Language: Polish


The author deals with the problem of ideological and worldview contexts related to philosophical education. The first part is an analysis of philosophical references associated with the meaning and use of the term “ideology”. The following difficulties of interpretation have been pointed out: the cognitive and normative factors, the beneficial element of a given social group. The second part is devoted to the worldview entanglements of philosophy. The thoughts presented in these two parts are, in the third part of the text, used as an attempt to explain the role of ideology in philosophical education. The main ideologies associated with the basic conventions of philosophical education have been distinguished and discussed. The discussion is closed with a reflection upon the condition of philosophical education in view of the ideological and worldview disputes.