Čaniga Branislav
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50(2014)3 - Social Ethics in Public Life

Branislav Čaniga

Reigns without justice (regna sine iustitia)

  • Language: English


Both in the past and in the current period of human history we encounter similar problems: public lies, existential and economical destabilization, military conflicts, religious and spiritual confusion etc. As in St. Augustine´s time, today we, the modern Christians, are amidst all this turmoil also facing the challenge of how to make this world a better place to live while staying focused on the eternal and supreme Good – God himself. In a time of contemporary economic and financial crises, when many people face the threat of losing their jobs and experiencing many humiliating forms of social injustice, the Church through its leaders and thinkers is reminding us of the importance of the elementary principles of its social doctrine, as well as the universal moral norms and values that need to be exercised in the public life of the human family, as well as the personal lives of individuals. Every crisis is caused by the abandoning of morality and therefore the solution to any crisis requires our return to the timeless dimensions of truth and ethics.