Vadíková Katarína M.
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50(2014)3 - Social Ethics in Public Life

Katarína M. Vadíková

Sociability as a virtue in multicultural public life. Personal arethology and axiology in practice

  • Language: Polish


The main aim of this paper is to present sociability as a virtue, necessary for solving problems in contemporary multicultural public life. Sociability as a virtue means the quality or state of being sociable. It is the individual and unique habitus of a particular person, which should be constantly improved and perfected. Sociability is an important part of the aretological and axiological profile of every person. Sociability fosters not only mechanisms of searching for new skills to overcome problems in the multicultural situation, but also helps one find their personal module of virtues, so that they are able to realize all types of interpersonal relationships by knowing, understanding and practically implementing the social and societal order, and remain an integrated personality and a moral person in public life.