Tomaszewska Wiesława
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50(2014)2 - Papers

Wiesława Tomaszewska

Metaphysical qualities in a literary work and the means of recognizing them

  • Language: Polish


The problem of metaphysical qualities plays an important role in Roman Ingarden’s concept of a literary work. In his ontology, such a work of art is understood as an integral whole consisting of various layers and qualities. According to Ingarden, metaphysical qualities are revealed in the layer of featured objects. It is this polyphony of individual layers, these revealed objects and other valuable qualities are what qualify a literary work as a work of art. Determined by the scheme of a literary work of art, they obtain their fullness in specification, which is an aesthetic subject accessible in an aesthetic experience. At the same time, metaphysical qualities can be discerned as a source of initial emotion, which initiates an aesthetic experience. Metaphysical qualities, as well as the whole work, are accessible not only for the aesthetic experience, but also for the methodical research of the schematic work itself, and its specification. At its roots always lies the making of an athematic acquaintance with a literary work.