Yates Christopher
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49(2013)4 - Heidegger and the Arts

Christopher Yates

Poetizing and the question of measure

  • Language: English


This paper examines Heidegger’s short 1944–45 lecture course, Introduction to Philosophy – Thinking and Poetizing, recently published in an English translation by Phillip Jacques Braunstein (Indiana). The course presents a unique and penetrating treatment of what, for Heidegger, is (1) the compelling place of mitdenken and mitdichten in the fundamental nature of philosophizing, and (2) the precise relationship of these elements to questions of human guidance, dwelling, and willfulness. I argue that, so doing, the text clarifies Heidegger’s uneasy position regarding the place of ‘poetizing’ in the work of imagination and reason. His ongoing engagement with Nietzsche and Hölderlin is here distilled such that we find a specific rubric for tracing Heidegger’s subtle, though decisive, attention to the connection between thought’s intrinsically ‘productive’ character and poetry’s refining ‘projective’ artistry. This connection becomes apparent when the discourse of the course is paired with the focus of his later text, Poetically Man Dwells (1951).