Bowler Michael
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49(2013)4 - Heidegger and the Arts

Michael Bowler

An existential conception of culture

  • Language: English


This paper articulates an existential conception of culture using as an analogy the existential conception of science as formulated by Heidegger. As with the existential conception of science, the existential conception of culture corresponds to a mode of existence of Dasein. This distinguishes the existential conception of culture from other prevalent notions of culture that view culture as present-at-hand or ready-to-hand. However culture is not simply a mode of Dasein’s existence.It is a mode of existence that discloses that very mode of existence. More precisely, in culture Dasein discloses its very being by concretely working it out. Moreover, it is argued that the task of culture is to exist in such a way that one realizes values in an uncommon manner.