Roskal Zenon
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49(2013)3 - Papers

Zenon Roskal

Charms of the telluric universe, or about correction of the chthonic universe

  • Language: Polish


In this article, I argue that “Polemical Remarks about the Concept of the Chthonic Universe” are not quite reliable. First of all I’m not entirely convinced that the title of my book must be changed. My first objective in this paper is to prove that the adjective chthonic in the title of the book Chthonic Universe is more appropriate than the adjective telluric, which is proposed by my adversary. Next, what it demonstrated is that subsequent objections to the concept of the chthonic universe are invalid. In particular, so-called “methodological objection” is invalid because the concept of the chthonic universe is first and foremost a philosophical view of the universe, which emerges from the development of astrophysics and then is not an obstacle to the progress of this science. Without going into the details of my response to Dziadkowiec’s article, it should be pointed out that most of the objections to the concept of the chthonic universe in it are mere misunderstandings.