Dziadkowiec Jakub
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49(2013)3 - Papers

Jakub Dziadkowiec

Polemic notes on the chthonic universe concept

  • Language: Polish


The article discusses the concept of the chthonic universe, which is a form of ontological generic monism. The concept states that the whole universe is made of the same type of matter and governed by the same laws established by natural science. First of all, the term “chthonic universe” is analysed in reference to the term “telluric universe” and in the context of discussion on the presence of divine agents in nature. Afterwards, main philosophical ideas included in the concept of the chthonic universe are presented and criticized. The ideas are within the scope of philosophy of nature and have several implications for the philosophy of science. Next, two controversies related to the SETI project are discussed that have a direct impact on the chthonic universe concept. The last part comprises three arguments against the concept in question and an attempt at its evaluation.