Barníková-Magganaris Zuzanna
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48(2012)4 - Reviews and Reports

Zuzanna Barníková-Magganaris


Helena Hrehovà, Helena Hrehovà, Etická rozprava o cnosti a dobrokráse. Aretologicko–filokalistické Reminiscencje (Ethical debate on virtue and good–beauty. Aretological–filocalistic reminiscences), University of Trnava, Trnava 2009, pp. 300

  • language: English


The author of this important monograph is Head of the Department of Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of Trnava. The main ideas of this book are a very interesting and inspiring contribution to the research of the ethical and moral-philosophical understanding of the relationship of man and virtue. This is an original aretological-filocalistic debate on virtue and good-beauty. According to the author “good-beauty” represents “human qualities that are the result of intellectual-spiritual, volitional-practical activities. They manifest the validity of universal moral and spiritual values. Thanks to the above mentioned abilities, people are able to share and practice humanity. Human attributes then create a basis for an application of the ethos and culture, and forms of socio-political and economic structures depend on them” (p. 18).

The monograph is written very clearly and legibly, even it assumes the reader to have a certain philosophical competence. It puts forward many new suggestions, motivation and views on the ethical-moral and philosophical understanding of mankind and the need for values and virtue. At the same time, it also urges readers to think about the given problems and what is important to get rid of proven traditional opinions. In this respect, it may also serve as an excellent guide in teaching ethics and moral philosophy.