Trajtelová Jana
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49(2013)1 - Papers

Jana Trajtelová

Distance and nearness in mysticism of Saint John of the Cross. A phenomenological study

  • language: English


This article is concerned with a phenomenological exploration of Western mysticism, more concretely the mysticism of Saint John of the Cross. The research lies within the context of broader phenomenological inquiries of the phenomenology of the person as well as the phenomenology of the religious experience. The first part briefly outlines the author’s methodological and thematic standpoint. The article then clarifies the basic concepts of ‘distance’, ‘nearness’ and ‘desire’. In so doing, it will be able to present the philosophical conclusions arising from the elaborated perspective: the crucial role of passivity, the question of appropriating identity and the essential character of mysticism. It concludes with an interpretation of mysticism as the most radical experience of interpersonality.