Kupś Tomasz
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49(2013)1 - Papers

Tomasz Kupś

Is Immanuel Kant a predecessor of "the ideal of personality"? (On the margins of Franciszek Sawicki’s study)

  • language: Polish


The article focuses on Franciszek Sawicki’s interpretation of Kant’s philosophy. “Moral Personality”, being the key notion in Sawicki’s works, was borrowed from Kant’s philosophy, and proof of this can be found in the analyses provided in the article “Das Problem der Persönlichkeit bei Kant” (1907) and in the book “Das Problem der Persönlichkeit und des Übermenschen” (1909). The article also addresses some problems concerning the reception of the ideas of Kant’s philosophy in Sawicki’s works, together with the critical assessment of some provisions of transcendental philosophy.

The separation of the practical use of reason from its theoretical use, together with the difference between practical and theoretical meaning of the terms ‘personality’ and ‘person’, which are explicit in the works of Immanuel Kant, is somewhat blurred in Franciszek Sawicki’s writings. The aim of the article is to present this terminological confusion and to suggest hypothetical reasons for such misinterpretation.