Drabarek Anna
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50(2014)3 - Social Ethics in Public Life

Anna Drabarek

Different models of justice as a basic category of social life

  • Language: English


The article discusses different models of justice. The author presents the way the understanding of justice developed, from its being treated as the principle of harmony ruling the universe, through justice reduced to distribution of goods and meting out of punishments, to liberal justice which underscores mostly the freedom of the subject (J. Rawls), and egalitarian justice in which the equality of the subject is of foremost importance (K. Nielsen). Justice has also been analysed as one of the aspects of intuitive law (L. Petrażycki). The discussion concludes in defining justice as the reason for action in social life.


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48(2012)4 - Ethics of Christian inspiration

Anna Drabarek

Why personalism is not and cannot become a Sunday afternoon philosophy

  • language: Polish


How can we agree about man? Neither a philosophy of existence, which emphasizes individualism so much that it borders on pathology, nor utilitarianism, which reifies man locked in the trap of enhanced usability, can offer a solution. E. Mounier’s personalism helps man get rid of the sense of alienation and meaninglessness of life. The three-dimensional perspective through which E. Mounier perceives man, involving the individual, social and spiritual dimensions, shows us that the existence of other people and transcendence does not limit our freedom; on the contrary, it helps develop in us a sense of responsibility and interpersonal relationships.