Podrez Ewa
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48(2012)4 - Ethics of Christian inspiration

Ewa Podrez

Dignity as the basis of interpersonal relations according to Father Tadeusz Ślipko

  • language: Polish


The article is aimed at analyzing one of the crucial questions in contemporary moral philosophy: What is the ethical basis of interpersonal relations? Answers to this question usually point to one of the two extremes: personal dignity and personal autonomy. Which of them is appropriate for Christian ethics?

The author refers to philosophical papers by Tadeusz Ślipko in order to find an answer to this question. In the first part, the main assumptions of his ethics are put forward. In the second part, the significance and functions of dignity are analyzed. This approach allows the application of Ślipko’s concept of personal dignity to interpersonal relations (above all: love and justice). From a Christian point of view, personal dignity is an ethical basis of all “person to person” relations, together with other moral categories like the good of the person, natural goals norms and obligations.