Łagosz Marek
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48(2012)3 - Papers

Marek Łagosz

William of Ockham's concept of time in the light of certain solutions in the contemporary philosophy of time

  • language: Polish


The article is a critical comment to William Ockham’s statements regarding the problem of time. Ockham’s conception of time is rooted in Aristotle’s Physics, that is why the paper refers also to the Greek philosopher’s theoretical assumptions concerning time. In the article it is shown that the relevance and actuality of Ockham’s understanding of time consists in the non-substantial and non-attributive interpretation of the category. Ockham achieves the result due to his consistent application of his famous postulate of the razor. The Ockhamian conception of time does not seem to avoid certain difficulties and inconsistencies. Some of them are pointed to in the paper.