Hrehovà Helena
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50(2014)3 - Social Ethics in Public Life

Helena Hrehovà

Morality and justice in social life

  • Language: English


The article is an analysis of morality and justice in light of the views of such thinkers as M. Blondel, J. Ortega y Gasset, E. Chiavacci and S. Privitera. In contemporary public life, new social conflicts are generated by a growing neutralization with respect to the formation of conscience and progressive relativization of all values. It is very difficult to clearly identify what justice is today and the morality that should apply to relationships. A. Honneth and M. Hrubec emphasize the need for the so-called good life, which should be based on an attitude of appreciation and respect, and accepting the other person as equal to other people. Only in this way is it possible to remove the dominance of stronger individuals and sensitize communities to the need to build global responsibility.


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48(2012)3 - Papers

Helena Hrehovà

The anthropological perspective and ethical dynamism of life in the concept of Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano

  • language: Polish


The author looks at the prospects of human existence in the light of the works of Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano, namely the sense of human diverse roads, the human relationship to philosophy, and to like and moral correctness. The author accentuates the philosopher´s call to Love, which is inherent to every profession and individual mission.