Weingartner Paul
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47(2011)4 - Science versus Utopia. Limits of Scientific Cognition

Paul Weingartner

Presuppositions of classical logic. Presuppositions of classical physics

  • language: English


Classical Logic tolerates properties of the deduction-relation or of valid implication which lead to difficulties when applied to empirical sciences. Such classical presuppositions are: In several inferences parts in the consequence class can be replaced by arbitrary parts salva validitate of the inference; fusing arbitrary propositions; presupposing commensurability on logical grounds; presupposing distributivity in both directions. These presuppositions are also tolerated by Classical Physics. In addition Classical Physics presupposes further assumptions about the properties of physical objects or physical systems. One is Kant´s condition of value-definitness. Another is the rigidity of objects satisfying Gallilean invariance. Further presuppositions are those of uniqueness, of re-identifiability through time and observer-invariance. It is shown in the paper that these presuppositions have to be relaxed in order to be applicable to empirical sciences and modern physics.