Czermak Johannes
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47(2011)4 - Science versus Utopia. Limits of Scientific Cognition

Johannes Czermak
Kordula Świętorzecka

Discreteness of time and change

  • language: English


The standard solution of Zenon’s paradoxes – especially that of Achilles and Tortoise – rests on some mathematical assumptions about real numbers. It is assumed that time is at least dense. However there is another solution that there may be considered “atoms” of time. In this case time would be discrete. This standpoint seems to be a natural, if somebody accepts that time is characterized by sequences of events. In that case the flow of time may be defined by changes. There is already a long philosophical discussion going back to the ancient times about the status of time and its priority to change. In the paper a modern tool for a description of this concept is presented – sentential logic of change LC does not entangle Achilles and Tortoise in Zenon’s paradox.