Hroncová Petra
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47(2011)3 - Papers

Petra Hroncová

The therapeutic aspect of philosophical lived-body concept. Application into the area of medical praxis

  • language: English


The article is written in the intention of American philosophers Drew Leder and Glen A. Mazis, who consider the possibility of using the lived-body concept (Maurice Merleau-Ponty) within the frame of medicine. The conceptual ground consists of the Cartesian view of the body, phenomenological approach to the body and the distinction between them. Two basic problems of the traditional medical model of the body are underlined and are to be overcome by the lived-body concept. Medical intervention broadened of this concept is specified as reciprocal medicine of the lived-body. The examined issue leads to innovation of our relations to the world, which are principled assignation of our corporeality and also a result of the therapeutic effect of the admission of the lived-body concept into medical intervention.