Karaś Antoni
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47(2011)2 - Dissertations

Antoni Karaś

The structure of moral act according to Mieczysław Krąpiec

  • language: Polish


The article analyzes the structure of the moral act as understood by Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec. He bases the structure of the moral act on the structure of the human being. In his analysis of the moral act, he enumerates three elements that constitute it internally; these are the cognitive, volitional and motivating (relating to some real or seeming value) elements. These elements are analyzed in the article. The article shows that the structure of the moral act as understood by Krąpiec is expressed in the concrete content of a practical judgment, which is an element of the act of decision.

A practical decisive judgment may be consistent or inconsistent with theoretical judgment(s) about the world of things and people. An act is morally positive when the practical decisive judgment is consistent with the theoretical one.