Pawliszyn Mirosław
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47(2011)2 - Dissertations

Mirosław Pawliszyn

A contribution to the conversation about the problem of certainty

  • language: Polish


The problem of certainty seems to be crucial for the whole of philosophy. The fundamental question is: can we be sure that things which we perceive really are the way they seem? Does the knowledge we have deserve our acknowledgement? What we ultimately have here is the question about the reality of the world as such. The questions, raised by Descartes, are still important and inspiring. Philosophers used to think that if we accepted the possibility of uncertainty, we would be doomed to scepticism. A German philosopher, Peter Wust, makes a unique contribution to this discussion. For him, uncertainty is an ontic category. Yet this does not mean that we cannot extricate ourselves from it. The article attempts to deal with this very issue.