Piętka Dariusz
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Dariusz Piętka

The issue of intellectual intuition in metaphysics

  • language: Polish


The article presents problems of intellectual intuition in metaphysics from a semioticpoint of view. There are various types of intuition in philosophy: rational intuition,irrational intuition, and sensual intuition. All of them are immediate ways of cognition.Classical metaphysics uses intellectual intuition as its main method of discoveringand justifying judgements. The main problem of intellectual intuition is the problemof the intersubjective approach to the object of metaphysics. The chief aim of thispaper is the objectivization and rationalization of intellectual intuition in the field oflanguage. The semantic notion of meaning and pragmatic notion of understanding arethe fundamental tools used to translate the issue of intuition from the level of object tothe language level. This operation allows us to look at intuition in a non-psychological manner. It enables objectivization of the method of the intellectual intuition in the lightof the understanding of meanings.