Sochoń Jan
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Jan Sochoń

Musical character of literature: Lesmian and others…

  • language: Polish


The article is devoted to the question of musical character literature in Leśmian within the broader perspective of various understandings of musicality in the 19th and 20th centuries. Various ways of understanding the musical character of poetry are presented. It is also shown that musical character, at the turn of the 20th century, was often understood without any reference to rhythm. It referred to music itself and to the effects it has on people. Music was a symbol, used to transmit, in particular, the emotional impressions, which lie in the phonetics rather than in the rhythm of words.

In Leśmian’s poetics, however, the most important role is played by the rhythmicized word, which turns a literary work into a “musical being”. Yet, Leśmian understands rhythm not only as something technical or romantic; he understands it as a strictly ontological principle, justifying all his references to metaphysics.