Mazanka Paweł
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Paweł Mazanka

The need for the cultivation of classical philosophy

  • language: English


The article attempts to answer the question: why is classical philosophy worth practising? The answer consists of three points. The first presents negative features of contemporary western culture. The second presents the way classical philosophy is understood, as well as its role in overcoming nihilism. Finally, the third part presents the possibility of using philosophy in theology.

The author suggests a return to classical philosophy in the attempt to heal contemporary culture and contemporary man. He does so, because classical philosophy, through its emphasis on the real truth and the real good as the reasons justifying the epistemological and moral orders, puts the culture on the basis of realism. Additionally, it inoculates culture against subjectivism, relativism and pragmatism.

In classical philosophy man learns an important truth about himself. He finds out that he is not just an element of history, but has his own nature and essence; he is a person. He also finds out that he is not the centre of the world, but comes from and returns to the Absolute, i.e. the highest truth, good and beauty, and, what is more, the best love. Thus, the final end of personal existence may be the subject not just of theology but also of well conducted philosophy.