Moskal Piotr
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Piotr Moskal

The problem of axiology of religion

  • language: Polish


Assessment of the value of different religions is made from various points of view.The following standpoints concerning the value of various religions are typicallyadopted, taking into account their doctrinal and soteriological value: naturalism,exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism. Religions are also assessed with respect totheir practical value, i.e. how they influence personal, social, and cultural life.

The doctrinal and soteriological value of a given religion may be assessed withrespect to the doctrine of the religion or in light of previously accepted philosophical premises. One can make an effort to review the apologetic of a given religion, if thisreligion generates an apologetic.

In the pragmatic approach, evaluation of the influence of a given religion on thesocial and cultural human life depends on the understanding of man and of the thingsthat are deemed important and good for him.

In the article, three examples of evaluation of a religion are presented: Catholictheology of religion, the assessment of the doctrinal truthfulness of religion in the lightof Thomistic philosophy, and the apologetic of the Catholic religion.