Maryniarczyk Andrzej
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Andrzej Maryniarczyk

How modern ontologies arose

  • language: Polish


Modern ontology, as a separate philosophical discipline (alongside metaphysics, or rather replacing it), arose on the foundation of late scholasticism and Descartes’ rationalism. The appearance of a new name, at the beginning used interchangeably with “metaphysics”, was not a purely verbal operation. Together with the change of the name, the object, method and purpose of metaphysical knowledge were altered.

The article shows the process by which the object of metaphysics, which was really existing being, was replaced with the objective concept, which is a representation of this being, and with internally non-contradictory being. The article also presents the process of eliminating the name “metaphysics” in favour of “ontology”, and of transferral of metaphysical issues to the field of physics.