Zdybicka Zofia
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47(2011)1 - Dissertations

Zofia Zdybicka

Atheism as a threat to the human person

  • language: Polish


An essential characteristic of European culture is the personalistic conception of man both adopted by Christianity and been developed in philosophy over the centuries.

As early as the middle ages, the conception of man as a person was developed, independent of revelation, a conception of an existing subject and agent of conscious and free (rational in nature) acts, transcending the natural and social world, structurally connected with personal God – God is the ultimate reason of existence, of rational nature and of the human dynamism.

As a result of numerous philosophical and cultural disturbances and changes, particularly in the 19th and 20th century, there appeared in European culture some incorrect conceptions of man negating his connection with God. In the second half of the 20th century new visions of man as a person were developed in a new intelletual context and in discussion with other contemporary solutions (M. A. Krąpiec, K. Wojtyła). These new visions showed the close relation of human personal being to God. It clearly follows from them that the negation of God arises from the negation of objective truth.

The rejection of God’s existence as the source of the existence and ontological structure of the human person, of his dignity and dynamism, leads to absurd conclusions. Atheism deprives the human person of his spiritual, transcendental dimension, constraining human freedom and dynamism. Atheism shuts man up in a world of variable, momentary and “tool-like” values, and it makes him the slave of these values. It leads to permissiveness, consumerism, utilitarianism and “spiritual emptiness”. Atheism deprives human life of its ultimate foundation and purpose (the bond with God realized in knowing and love). Thus human life becomes a nonsense; man would die without realizing the inclinations and desires written into his nature. Rejection of God (of faith and religion) means rejection of humanity and the destruction of the foundations of European culture.

In order to save the human being, we have to “save” God.