Kapusta Andrzej
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46(2010)2 - Brain - psyche: contemporary philosophy of medicine

Andrzej Kapusta

Karl Jaspers’ project of psychopathology

  • language: Polish


In the article Karl Jaspers’ view on psychopathology and understanding of mental illness is presented. The reconstruction of General Psychopathology assumptions aims at
1) elucidating Jaspers’ thesis referring to the ability of understanding psychoses,
2) presenting his methodological pluralism, and
3) “horizons of psychopathology”: the view on possibility to objectify human psyche and self-consciousness;
4) presenting the difficulties with the definition of the concept of mental illness,
5) revealing existential limits of scientific research on psychopathology.

For better elucidation of Jaspers’ view it is compared it with “the engaged epistemology”: a framework that allows to comprehend the specific character and various dimensions of psychiatric disorders. The detailed description of Karl Jaspers’s psychiatric account shows his major contribution to the development of psychiatry as well as to the methodological awareness of psychiatrists and philosophers of psychiatry.