Murawiec Sławomir
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46(2010)2 - Brain - psyche: contemporary philosophy of medicine

Sławomir Murawiec

Psychotropic medication as a way to understanding the connection between mind and brain

  • language: Polish


The paper presents current scientific literature review concerning the effects of psychotropic medication on highly integrated functions of brain and mind, on biological and psychological levels. The effects of medication are not mechanistic but are dependent on psychological and social aspects of the situation of an individual under treatment. After its administration the dynamic interplay between different psychological and biological processes occur. The review of neurobiological aspects of placebo effects, action of antidepressants on emotional information processing and anxiolytics on fear processing is presented. The paper presents also the theory of psychosis as a state of aberrant salience and the action of antipsychotic drugs in the context of dampening of excessive salience. The results of this research and theories show how complex are the mechanisms of psychotropic medication influence on human mind.