Jastrzębski Andrzej
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46(2010)1 - Articles

Andrzej Jastrzębski

Two visions of man? A comparison of the concepts of the human being of Borden Parker Bowne and Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec

  • language: Polish


The aim of the paper is to compare two concepts of the human being, both related to Christianity, but each rooted in a different philosophical approach. One is represented by a Methodist philosopher from the United States, B. P. Bowne, the other, originating in a Polish Catholic milieu, is represented by the late M. A. Krąpiec.

An analysis of these concepts of the human being should contribute to the understanding of the consequences that result from accepting either an idealistic approach to the human being (person as a relation) or a realistic approach (person as a substance) although both are to serve the same purpose: to defend the dignity of the human being by showing human transcendence in relation to the material world.