Tałasiewicz Mieszko
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46(2010)1 - Fr. Prof. Michał Heller – Honoris Causa Doctor

Mieszko Tałasiewicz

Imaginations in science and theology

  • language: Polish


The issue of rationality of religious beliefs is undertaken in the paper, in the context of the relationship between faith and evolution. Certain existential autonomy of human beings and their free will can be seen as grounded in creation and evolution of the whole complex material world. This makes it possible to find answers to the following questions: How God, whose will is the law of every being, can create creatures who will follow their own will? How can He create a being totally dependent on its Creator, and yet able to love Him, and not just obey Him? A creature “in His image and likeness”, who will be God’s partner, able to accept or reject God’s proposals?