Łukasik Andrzej
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45(2009)1 - VIII Polish Philosophical Congress - Section of the Philosophy of Nature

Andrzej Łukasik

Atomism. On ontological incommensurability of classical and quantum notion of elementary components of mater

  • language: Polish


The aim of this article is compare classical concepts with quantum con-cepts of elementary particles. Atomism, which began as speculative metaphysics, has become a securely established part of experimental science. Therefore, the development of physics during the 20th century may be treated as the spectacular triumph of atomism. However, changes and conceptual difficulties brought about by quantum mechanics lead to the conclusion that the ontological model provided by classical atomism has become inadequate. Atoms (and elementary particles) are not atomos - indivisible, perfectly solid, unchangeable, ungenerated and indestructible (eternal). Classical and quantum concepts of elementary particles turn out to be incommensurable.