Philosophical Logic
1 'Third Way' with double quantification Edward Nieznański
2 Causation and intensionality in Aristotelian logic Srećko Kovač
3 Hilbert and Bernays on definite descriptions Norbert Gratzl
4 A Classical Theory of Principles of being. Elements Kordula Świętorzecka
5 Philosophy as a system of conditionals Edward Nieznański
6 A few thoughts about justification Jacek Jadacki
7 The conception of logic in the "Encyclopédie ou dictionnaire universel raisonné". A study on the history of reception Stanisław Janeczek
8 World models in formalized systems of theodicy Edward Nieznański
9 Discreteness of time and change Johannes Czermak, Kordula Świętorzecka
10 On notions of assertion, knowledge and opinion in epistemic logic Edward Nieznański
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