Heidegger and the Arts

1 Introduction Andrzej Wiercinski
2 An existential conception of culture Michael Bowler
3 Mytho-poetic contributions to hermeneutics and the philosophy of communication Ramsey Eric Ramsey, Kimberly Singleton
4 Reflections on poetic work: Heidegger and Ricoeur Timo Helenius
5 Marking silence: Heidegger and Herder on word and origin Peter Hanly
6 Poetizing and the question of measure Christopher Yates
7 Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty: art and the bodily emergence of meaning Gustavo Gomez Perez
8 Fusing the horizons: Heidegger, Nietzsche and the time of the "Augenblick" Miguel Santos-Vieira
9 Heidegger and the finitude of the work of art Alexandra Morrison
10 Foundation and poetry: Heidegger as a reader of Hölderlin Francesca Brencio